The game is set in Neo Terminus, a cyberpunk city controlled by the evil mega corporations and various street gangs.

As a Bounty Hunter you work in a grey area between the 2 sides, one day killing for the mega corporations, one day for the various gangs that control the ground.

Work your way up the food chain and earn credits for the kills, purchase weapon or armor upgrades, buy drugs to enhance your performance.

Accept bounties that will require the player to run through Horde type areas and explore Dungeons where they will have to defeat waves of enemies to find the bounty you will need to kill, these will earn you credits that will allow the player to upgrade armor or weapons.

By completing the bounties the player will be able to grow his character rank to the next level which will give him access to harder bounties.

The game is based around a first person view and allows the player to create their character setup to suit each situation.

Bounty Hunters has no PVP gameplay, it solely concentrates on the PVE gametype and will only allow players to join other players games when invited.

The game will support up to 3 players in multiplayer.