Dynamic Fights

Get ready for some of the most dynamic fights in a Horde type game ever!

Incredible Atmosphere

Immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere of NeoTerminus

Play Solo

Kick back and waste a few hours shooting shit, no lag and no screaming kids



The year is 2250. The city of NeoTerminus is an urban monstrosity, In this dark and lonely city you accept jobs to clear the gangs that inhabit NeoTerminus and pray on the public, you do this all the while being hunted by the Bounty Hunters as you too have a pretty little number on your head courtesy of the boss.

Clear the gangs, find the boss and kill him.


October Update

A month of Beta testing completed and its really looking like a fun game now (if you like Horde type games) I have added some new Artwork to the site and will be using this on various marketing campaigns. I have also received acceptance from STEAM that I can sell the game on the website […]

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September Update

Well somehow I made it, the game look and feel is complete and Horde functionality working on all the maps. Currently the game has 2 Horde areas in the main NeoTerminus map, along with a Nightclub area where you have to fight your way out and Slums area that works on a Donkey Kong style […]

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Bounty Hunters

Windows, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation