Well somehow I made it, the game look and feel is complete and Horde functionality working on all the maps.

Currently the game has 2 Horde areas in the main NeoTerminus map, along with a Nightclub area where you have to fight your way out and Slums area that works on a Donkey Kong style (keep going to you get top the top)

The rest of Neoterminus can be explored at your leisure without any AI interference.

There are 6 additional maps that can be traveled to from NeoTerminus – Subway, Underground, Uptown, Downtown, Slums and Housing

There are Male and Female choices of the main character along with 8 skins that are unlocked via your rank.

Next steps are to do a Beta build and get this tested and hopefully organize to sell the game on the EPIC store before concentrating on the XBOX, PS builds.

Thanks for your interest 🙂

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